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7 Things That Will Stop Your House From Selling

Poor curb appeal Buyers won't even go inside if the outside of the house looks unappealing. So clean up your front yard by tidying plants and pulling up weeds. Make sure the outside of your home looks well cared-for by painting the trim, mowing the lawn and placing attractive potted plants by the door. Unpleasant odors You may not even notice bad odors, but buyers surely will. Smoking and pets are the prime causes, so smoke outside while you are selling your house and consider what to do with your animals. Allow the house to air out thoroughly before viewings - don't just try to mask the odor with another scent. Loud … [Read More...]

All current DC Ranch homes for sale

Below is a map view of all the homes currently for sale in DC Ranch. … [Read More...]

Tips on How to Handle a Multiple-Offer Situation

When selling your home, having more than one offer to consider is a great position to be in. However, there are some rules of thumb for handling the sale of your property in a multiple-offer situation. The most important is to evaluate every offer for its details - not just the price. Study all conditions and investigate thoroughly the strength of each offer. Just because the buyer has agreed to pay a certain amount for your home doesn't necessarily mean he or she is capable of bringing about a successful closing. Evaluate their pre-approval letter as well as the lender itself. You should be particularly suspicious … [Read More...]

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